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Dining and DevOps


NEW YORK, USA | 15 OCTOBER 2018 | 5:30 PM

Join fellow NYC Finance executives at our exclusive C-level leadership dinner on October 15, 2018 starting at 5:30 PM. Mingle with your peers during a multi-course dinner at Eleven Madison Park and get to know our SVP of Delivery Acceleration, Matt Cloke. Together with him we will discuss Automation, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and the likes of:

 ■  The DevOps journey: Where you want to be, where you currently are, why your team is coming up short.
 ■  DevOps Execution: How have you gone about DevOps (Mandate or Organic)? How are you measuring your success?
 ■  DevOps Team: How integrated are your teams – are the software developers and software operations teams part of one another? How can you better sync up your teams?
 ■  DevOps Deployment: How fast can you deploy changes to your critical operations versus how fast would you like to?

Thank you for your interest, this event is no longer available.


Matt is SVP of Delivery Acceleration at Endava, having joined in 2015 as the Principal Consultant for Architecture Delivery and Development Excellence. An experienced Agile practitioner, Matt is also passionate about technical leadership within organizations and believes in personal and organizational continuous Improvement.
Matt Cloke

SVP of Delivery Acceleration


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  • 15 October 2018

    New York USA | 15 October 2018. Endava Dining and DevOps - Discuss Automation, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery together with our Senior Vice President of Delivery Acceleration.

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