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Endava Executive Network


Endava Executive Network | Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany | 23 June 2016

Following on from the success of our Digital Transformation series of events in New York, Atlanta, Frankfurt and London, we are now starting a new conversation: Agility Beyond the Development Team. 

What happens when we approach Agile less as a management technique and more as an opportunity? This event explores the true potential of organizational agility by exploring how an Agile Transformation enables evolution of the complete business.

We will go beyond sprints and processes, looking at the complete transformation journey, starting a conversation about how we can meet the challenges of organisational complexity through a combination of technical excellence and "benefits felt" mind-set. Our Agile Transformation experts look forward to sharing a different perspective on this process, focused on the opportunities for value generation it can create throughout your business.

Endava Executive Network at a Glance

Endava Executive Network is an initiative that brings together senior executives to challenge traditional approaches, discuss and develop a broader perspective on the latest technology trends, led by the presentations of thought leaders.

We welcome senior executives across industries such as Finance, Insurance, Retail, Telecommunications, Media, and Publishing, interested in the process of implementing an agile transformation project within their organisations.

About Endava

Since our inception over 15 years ago our culture and success has been built around a simple philosophy: We focus on helping people to be successful. The people who work for us, the people who engage with us, and the people who use the systems and applications we design, build, and operate.

We established Endava to address the need from clients to combine world class consulting, design and engineering talent to deliver real transformation. This is made possible by combining industry expertise with world class design and engineering talent from our offices in Western Europe and North America and our delivery centres in Central Europe.

We are now a leading IT services company with over 2,750 employees across the UK, USA, Germany, Romania, Moldova, Macedonia, and Serbia and have been recently named in The IAOP Global Outsourcing 100® list of world’s best outsourcing service providers.



18:00 – 18:30 Guest Arrival, Welcome Drinks


18:30 sharp: Boat DEPARTURE


18:45 – 19:15 Agile Beyond the Development Team presentation


19:15 – 20:30 Dinner, drinks, networking & Skyline guided tour 


20:30 – 21:30 The boat will be docking at 20:30, but you are free to continue with the drinks & networking on the boat



Location: Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe Exclusive Boat
Departure: Frankfurt am Main/Mainkai (arrival at the same place)

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