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What's this role about?

* Take part in all application development lifecycle phases; * Your main responsibilities will be to develop software systems; * You will participate in the logical and physical design of the product and understand the business requirements; * You will solve complex technical problems that other team members may encounter, be an integral part of a Scrum team, review and enforce the quality of code written within your team, tutor junior developers; * You will be involved in a broad range of complex technical or professional work activities, in a variety of contexts; * You will work under general direction within a clear framework of accountability. * Substantial personal responsibility and autonomy is required;

What skills and experience do you need?

* Experience as a Data Engineer in a Databricks environment. * Experience developing and maintain data pipelines using Python within our AWS-based platform, ensuring efficient data processing and management. * Experience with data automation and data ingestion. * Databricks data engineering skills such as Unity catalog, Delta Lake, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Delta sharing, data processing, cluster optimization, data serialization and compression, data mesh, big data and NoSQL. * Configuration and optimization of AWS data services (S3, Lambda, Glue, Step Functions, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Athena, EventBridge, SNS) for seamless data integration and event-driven workflows. * Experience implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using AWS CDK to manage and automate cloud resources effectively. * Utilize Apache Iceberg to enhance data storage and organization for improved scalability and performance. * Manage version control and CI/CD workflows using GitHub, leveraging GitHub Actions for continuous integration and deployment. * Experience enhancing monitoring and observability of data pipelines using Datadog, optimizing performance and reliability would be nice to have. * Good client-facing skills; * Good English language skills; * Experience in an Agile delivery framework.

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