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What's this role about?

Endava is seeking an experienced Operations Manager to lead our newly established Commercial Operations team. This crucial role involves overseeing day-to-day operations, including the management of sales tools, sales technology strategy, internal procurement, and team communications. Additionally, this role is responsible for customer success and onboarding processes. The Operations Manager will enhance these functions through continuous improvement initiatives driven by insights and analytics. This role reports directly to the Head of Operations and Enablement and requires a hands-on leader adept at building and implementing best practices within a growing function and driving operational efficiency with limited resources. Key Responsibilities • Team Management and Leadership: Manage and oversee the Commercial Operations team, including direct supervision of an Operations Assistant, the CRM Lead, Analytics & Insight Specialists, and the Customer Success & Onboarding Manager. • Sales Operations Strategy: Develop and implement sales operations strategies to enhance productivity and efficiency. • Sales Tools and Technology: Oversee the deployment and management of sales tools and technology, ensuring they align with the business’s overall sales strategies. Continuously evaluate usage to ensure we maximise the value from our tools and have accurate data. • Internal Procurement and Vendor Management: Lead the design and execution of internal procurement strategies and manage vendor relationships to support operational needs. • Team Communications: Coordinate Commercial Team communications and ensure that all team members are aligned with the company’s goals and objectives. • Customer Success and Onboarding: Design our overall customer success and onboarding strategy. Oversee the customer success and onboarding processes, ensuring a seamless transition and high levels of customer satisfaction. • Best Practices and SOP Development: Drive the establishment of best practices and standard operating procedures for a new team, focusing on scalability and sustainability. • Continuous Improvement and Analytics: Leverage insights and analytics to drive continuous improvement across all operational functions. Initiate and manage improvement projects, systematically enhancing processes and operations. • Resource and Budget Management: Manage resource allocation and budgeting, ensuring the effective use of resources and maintaining operational efficiency. • Diversity and Inclusion: Lead on diversity and inclusion initiatives, fostering an inclusive environment and promoting diversity throughout the team. • Business Process Oversight: Manage key business processes, including the promotions cycle, ensuring transparency and fairness in career progression opportunities. • Risk Management and Compliance: Own risk management procedures and ensure corporate compliance, including the completion of mandatory training and updates across the team.

What skills and experience do you need?

• Proven experience in operations management, preferably within a sales or commercial operations environment. • Strong leadership skills with experience managing cross-functional teams in a dynamic environment. • Proficient in the use of sales technologies and tools, with the ability to guide the team’s technology strategy. • Excellent organizational and project management skills, capable of managing multiple priorities in a high-paced environment. • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, adept at building relationships with internal and external stakeholders. • Strategic thinker with a hands-on approach to problem-solving and decision-making. • Driven by a continuous improvement mindset, always looking to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. • Commercially minded with a laser focus on prioritizing activities that improve our sales cycles, resulting in increased revenue, higher margins and faster sales velocity. • Commitment to promoting diversity and ensuring an inclusive workplace. This position is designed for a visionary leader who thrives on creating order out of chaos, building robust systems from the ground up, and leading teams to exceed their targets while fostering a culture of inclusivity and compliance.

What's in it for you?

• Competitive salary package. • Robust benefits package (Bonuses, Discounts and Stock Options). • Diverse activities with a high international share and a wide range of topics. • State of the art technology. • Ongoing learning opportunities – complex projects, training, coaching, conferences, workshops, certifications, online learning platforms, subscriptions, etc. • We live Work-Life-Balance with flexible working hours, and home office possibilities. • Diverse company social life - events, sports tournaments, team buildings, passion groups (e.g. hiking, book club, green team). • Multicultural environment - working with colleagues and clients across different countries.

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