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What's this role about?

*Analysis and Planning:* - functionality. - Identify and document system requirements. - Prioritize functionalities and tasks. - Create flowcharts, functional diagrams, etc. - Document analysis and design decisions. *Design and Development:* - Perform Refactoring to improve existing code. - Design the architecture for new features. - Develop new functionalities. - Create user interfaces. - Implement design patterns. *Testing:* - Create automation scripts for testing. - Execute manual tests to detect errors and usability issues. - Create and manage test cases. - Conduct integration and system testing. - Implement performance and load testing.   Maintenance and Support: - Analyze and fix bugs reported by users. - Perform regular updates to improve functionality and security. - Provide technical support to users.

What skills and experience do you need?

* Experience working in Agile methodologies: SCRUM, Jira * Experience with .NET, .NET Core, WPF, C#, Entity Framework, windows services * Experience with APIs: GraphQL, Postman * Experience with Unit Testing: N-Unit * Experience with Relational Databases: SQL Server, Oracle * Experience with Non-Relational Databases: MongoDB * CI/CD with Jenkins, Pipelines * Version Control: Git, Bitbucket

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