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What's this role about?

1. Test Case Execution: Execute predefined test cases to verify the functionality of software applications or systems. 2. Bug Reporting: Identify and report software defects or inconsistencies in a clear and detailed manner using bug tracking tools. 3. Test Planning: Participate in test planning meetings to understand testing objectives, scope, and requirements. 4. Test Documentation: Create and maintain test documentation such as test plans, test cases, and test reports. 5. Regression Testing: Perform regression testing to ensure that software changes or updates do not adversely affect existing functionality. 6. Test Data Preparation: Prepare test data sets required for test execution, ensuring comprehensive coverage of test scenarios. 7. Test Environment Setup: Set up and configure test environments to simulate real-world conditions for testing purposes. 8. Test Execution Tracking: Track and monitor test execution progress, reporting any issues or delays to the test lead or manager. 9. Collaboration: Collaborate with developers, business analysts, and other stakeholders to clarify requirements and resolve issues. 10. Continuous Learning: Stay updated on testing methodologies, tools, and technologies through self-learning and training sessions. 11. Quality Assurance: Contribute to ensuring the overall quality and reliability of software products through thorough testing. 12. Test Automation Support: Assist in the development and maintenance of automated test scripts to increase testing efficiency. 13. Test Result Analysis: Analyze test results to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement in the software under test. 14. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Support: Participate in user acceptance testing activities, providing feedback and assistance as needed. 15. Communication: Effectively communicate test findings, progress updates, and any obstacles encountered to relevant stakeholders. 16. Adherence to Standards: Follow established testing processes, standards, and best practices to maintain consistency and reliability in testing activities.  

What skills and experience do you need?

* *Complementary skills:* Backend testing API testing Desirable Additional Skilsl: Knowledge in Banking, Payment Gateways  

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