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What's this role about?

*Get an inside look:*  * First, we would like to tell you that we have over 700 employees in Serbia (including *Belgrade*, *Novi Sad*, *Kragujevac*, *Čačak* and *Niš*) ** and more than 11.000 globally!  * We are currently engaged in several challenging projects for internationally renowned companies leading in the Software, Telecommunication, Insurance, Finance, IoT, Crypto, and Logistics industries (some of which are on the Fortune 500 list!).    * Besides the inexhaustible source of supportive and collaborative people from your area of expertise, you will also have your own *Line Manager, Career Coach, and Compensation Reviewer!* A Career Coach will help you with your personal and professional growth as well as be your go-to person who can give valuable feedback.    * Regarding reviews, we conduct regular promotion evaluations and maintain a transparent grading system with 7 levels (not just the usual Junior, Medior, and Senior). Criteria and expectations for each grade are clear, and information is easily accessible through various platforms.   *What is it all about?* Our client is a famous *tech company* that among other products also creates beautifully designed and engineered *audio* and *video products*, backed by the artificial intelligence, analytics, and insights to take you far beyond mere connectivity and let you be seen and heard with incredible clarity. We are looking for a couple of *system-level Android Engineers* who would join one of the multiple well-organized scrum teams working on the *Android-based firmware*/*OS* for *video bars* and *tablet controllers*. We hope you can bring your expertise and contribute to both the maintenance of the existing functionalities and new feature development. A sense of ownership and proactivity is more than welcome. These are stable and long-term *hybrid* (remote/office) positions. Mostly, there is no frequent need to exchange the equipment and hard dependency on office space, but the account team values face-to-face time, so they swing by *weekly* to keep things personal and connection strong.

What skills and experience do you need?

*Key requirements:* * 5+ years of experience in Android mobile development, ideally focused on AOSP * Experience with C/C++ * Knowledge of the Android SDK, Camera, Connectivity, Permissions, AIDL, so as SELinux, networking protocols and TLS is very beneficial * Educational background in computer science or equivalent *In addition to the essentials, it would be great if you have:* * Java and Kotlin development experience * Experience with Web Proxies * Knowledge of Android NDK * Experience with streaming, encoding, decoding and RTP

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