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Endava Tech Flow


Digital Evolution Powering the Future

Chisinau, Moldova | 24 May 2018

We are happy to kick off a new series of tech events, where we will open conversations on various trending tech topics with international and local speakers. 
The event welcomes passionate IT professionals and industry experts to challenge traditional approaches and dive into learning opportunities on various technologies. 

Join us for the first event, in the Endava Tech Flow series, as we will discuss the phenomenon of the Digital Evolution that is omnipresent in all our daily interactions.
Approached from four different angles, you will learn how the process, the practical development frameworks, and the philosophy of experience-driven technologies work together to both deliver digital business and lead us further into the future of human / digital interactions. 

Join us for an awesome afternoon of conversations, networking, and presentations.

Key Speakers

  • Justin Marcucci

    Chief Digital Officer, Endava

    As Chief Digital Officer, Justin is responsible for leading Endava’s global digital business, both from a client engagement and digital delivery capacity. The digital philosophy he has instilled within the organisation is focused on enabling businesses to dramatically improve the experiences of their users through the introduction of technology, while giving them the strategy, data and insight to evolve and succeed as the overall market landscape changes.
    Bringing over 18 years of practical knowledge in the digital arena, Justin’s past experiences leading Product, Business Development, and User Experience organisations for both AT&T Interactive and Sony Electronics, along with his current role, have helped strategically transform businesses across all industries, worldwide.


    Experience fueled technologies: driving the evolution of digital business and human interaction.

    Improving user experience has quickly become the priority for most businesses as they digitally mature. As a result, the advancement of UX-focused technologies is rapidly accelerating. Learn about the journey mobile interfaces, AI, augmented / virtual reality, and invisible interactions, have taken from their inception – how UX focused business needs have given them the opportunity and path to become mainstream – and how they will be the basis of the newest wave of UX-fueled technologies as we move into the next decade.

  • Bradley Howard

    Head of Innovation, Endava

    Bradley leads Endava Labs which produces proof of concepts, prototypes, demos and videos for our clients in six weeks or less. Alongside the innovation process we provide business plans and innovation strategies to help clients. Prior to this role, he was the Head of Digital at Endava, helping clients implement their digital journey.


    Driving digital business evolution through Agile Transformation.

    Driving the successful digital transformation of a business is predicated on embracing change and challenging entrenched assumptions. Users have never been savvier or more demanding, and exceptional experiences are paramount. Consistent performance and growth depend on successful interactions at every level, and adopting an Agile methodology provides the feedback, iteration cycles, and critical speed that is required to compete in today's digital market.

  • Gleb Godonoga

    Senior Development Lead, Endava

    Gleb Godonoga is Senior Development Lead at Endava. He has been a practice lead on front-end and mobile practices within the company for the last six years. A go-to person for technical and exciting things. Technology polyglot interested in innovation with award-winning mobile apps that can find joy even in mathematical-analysis if it serves a good purpose. Gleb has helped clients build awesome projects in New York, London and Dublin. He likes reading fantasy books, building and racing drones when he isn’t learning something new.

    "Deep Stupidity" helping out Digital

    Machine learning is making a comeback to hyped topics. People think about cognitive robots and rise of the machines, but we are too far away from this. "Intelligent systems" help people in their day to day lives nevertheless: optimize processes, increase productivity and give insights into consumers, products, behavior patterns that help grow digital business.

  • Sorin Canter

    Software Testing Architect, Endava

    Sorin is a Software Testing Architect with 15 years of experience, out of which the past five he leads Endava’s Test Automation Practice in Chisinau. He has a degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Information Technology. Outside of work, Sorin enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, traveling, spicy food, and reading about quantum concepts.

    The Agile emergence of DevOps

    The world is changing fast and accelerating. Customers expect feature-rich products and a seamless experience. This poses a challenge for businesses to deliver rapid changes and high-quality products in order to compete. Join the event to learn how we apply agile and DevOps practices to enable faster and higher quality releases. Take away concepts for modernizing your release orchestration process as well as techniques for supporting a DevOps model in your organization.



17:30 – 18:00 – Registration & Welcoming 
18:00 – 18:15 – Intro
18:15 – 18:45 – Bradley Howard Key talk 
18:45 – 19:15 – Gleb Godonoga talk
19:15 – 19:30 – Short break  
19:30 – 20:00 – Sorin Canter talk
20:00 – 20:30 – Justin Marcucci Key talk
21:00 – 22:00 – Networking

LOCATION: Tekwill, Studentilor, 9/11

The participation is free, but limited to the seats available.

 In order to join you need to register and receive confirmation by email.



Save your seat and find out more about Digital Evolution, from different perspectives.

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