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Distributed Agile Development

Through a combination of technical excellence, shared culture and best-shoring delivery methodology, we enhance your team’s capabilities, bridging business domain knowledge and technical engineering to ensure a faster, better continuous delivery of cost-effective products.

Business challenge

Agile methods like Scrum and Kanban have been adopted as mainstream practice for a while, but they often get implemented ineffectively, where people follow the ceremonies but don’t understand their purpose or the underlying mind set of the methods.

What’s more, limiting the scope of agile adoption to the development teams alone, fails to improve efficiency and accelerate delivery, and in fact can result in a deceleration of the delivery process and a growing gap between the development teams and the wider organisation.

We help you make a difference

Through our deep understanding of Agile methodologies and their value-generation opportunities, we help you achieve collaboration between all the layers of your organisation, ensuring business goals and product delivery goals are aligned.

Our Approach

We build and lead high-performance teams that drive adoption of industry-leading agile processes, which enable them to effectively combine business value with technical value, enhancing product quality and accelerating delivery.

From concept, through development, testing and DevOps we position highly skilled people on every client project and, thanks to our best-shoring delivery methodology, we ensure effective communication and cost-effectiveness.

A shared culture, vision and constant communication throughout project teams, provide Endavans with the ability to seamlessly integrate into your team, driving both innovation and technical excellence.

Other Services

Enabling 3x faster releases through an Agile delivery

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Enabling 3x faster releases through an Agile delivery


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