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Phone calls are sometimes the best way to approach a customer, business partner or potential employee. Having details about clients, previous topics discussed, and reminders about important dates handy can significantly enhance the value of your conversation. SugarCRM Connector for Cisco IP Telephony is a real business asset for every company that relies on SugarCRM and Cisco IP Telephony.

Business Benefits

Automatization. Sales and service representatives no longer have to record calls in SugarCRM manually. Every call received and dialled is automatically matched to connect the client and information, storing them in the CRM database. 

Synchronisation. SugarCRM users can create new records (accounts, contacts, opportunities etc.), add or update client related information directly from the SugarCRM Connector popup during the call.

Connector Scope


  ■  Provides client related information from SugarCRM into Cisco IP Phone

  ■  Explore SugarCRM client database directly from Cisco IP Phone

  ■  Automatically store information related to inbound and outbound calls in SugarCRM

  ■  Click-to-call option from SugarCRM

  ■  Store information regarding missed calls and send notifications to you e-mail account

  ■  SugarCRM notifications on your Cisco IP Phone


  ■  CRM - SugarCRM editions starting from 5.5.x and above


  ■  Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x or

  ■  Cisco Unified CallManager Express 7.1 and above


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