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Having the right CRM strategy and proper communication tools is the starting point for building a long-term relationship with your customers and a strong business with great development potential. The Exchange SugarCRM Sync Connector synchronizes the best of both worlds.

Business Benefits

In today’s business economy, enterprises are paying more and more attention to licensing fees and software implementation costs. Led by this market demand, we’ve built a connector that seamlessly synchronises Microsoft Exchange with your SugarCRM accounts with features commonly used by 80 percent of enterprises.

Lower licensing costs, safe and synced information. We provide a faster, leaner, more cost-effective way for your company to keep its information safe and in sync. The Exchange SugarCRM Sync Connector delivers bi-directional, server-side synchronisation.

Connector Scope


  ■  Emails sync

  ■  Calendars sync

  ■  Appointments sync

  ■  Tasks sync


  ■  SugarCRM editions starting from version 6.0.2 and above

  ■  Exchange 2010 or any subsequent product version (uses MS Exchange EWS API, version Exchange 2010)


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