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Telco, Media and Technology


Bringing additional value to customer’s collaborative environment by integrating enterprise systems.

Business Benefits

Our engineers provide ready-made products and professional services, and are dedicated to the Cisco Collaboration portfolio, making us the development partner of choice to integrate Cisco Collaboration products into your business applications and processes. 

We offer Software Subscription Services which include upgrades to and compatibility with future Cisco product versions, Support 8×5, and Support 24×7, for all our ready-made products and custom projects.

Our expertise

Here’s a short list of Cisco products and SDKs that we have used in our previous projects:

   ■  Jabber Web SDK Development and Integration

   ■  Jabber Guest Development and Integration

   ■  WebEx API

   ■  CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) – JTAPI, TAPI

   ■  Finesse SDK

   ■  Finesse Gadgets and Integrations

   ■  IBM Business Applications Integration with Cisco Collaboration

   ■  Custom IVR Integration

   ■  Custom CRM Integration with Cisco Collaboration

   ■  Custom Reporting (UCM, UCCX, UCCE)

   ■  IM & Presence Server Customizations

   ■  Telepresence

   ■  Cisco Virtualization Experience Clients


Cisco Jabber IBM notes

Having a business tool can be very powerful and a combination of tools can really enhance your capabilities, making your job easier, more coordinated and efficient. Cisco Jabber Integration with IBM Notes is a plugin that allows Cisco Jabber features to be accessed from inside IBM Notes.

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Exchange SugarCRM Sync

Having the right CRM strategy and proper communication tools is the starting point for building a long-term relationship with your customers and a strong business with great development potential. The Exchange SugarCRM Sync Connector synchronizes the best of both worlds.

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SugarCRM Cisco IP Telephony

Having details about clients, previous topics discussed, and reminders about important dates handy can significantly enhance the value of your conversation. SugarCRM Connector for Cisco IP Telephony is a real business asset for every company that relies on SugarCRM and Cisco IP Telephon.

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Take the first step

If you aim to learn more on how Cisco products and SDKs can increase the collaboration and productivity across your entire organisation, get in touch with us via the form below.

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