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Telecommunications, Media and Technology



The Telco, Media and Technology (TMT) industries are in an extended phase of rapid significant change. Digital content is being created and consumed using ever more innovative, low cost technologies controlled by the user. As disruptors enter this mutating market, technology is becoming a driving force with the potential to enable new forms of consumption, and new revenue streams. Established businesses are in danger of being disintermediated, and strategies including consolidation and convergence are driving further change into this increasingly digital economy.

These sectors, while retaining significant points of difference, are becoming increasingly linked through market forces and the need to innovate. Endava’s experience of these industries, linked with our technical capability and drive for innovation, allows us to become true business partners and help release the value that TMT businesses must deliver their customers in this changing world.


Our relationship with Endava has allowed us to build and integrate technology across all of our digital platforms that would be difficult to do on our own. The launch of is another great example of how we've combined our internal expertise with the development power of Endava to build modern, multi-platform products.

Chief Digital and Product Officer, Johnston Press



Legacy infrastructures and systems are hindering business’ ability to effectively meet the level of personalisation and service users expect, and increasingly can find in competing offerings.

As competitors are expanding to an increasing number of platforms and devices, businesses find it difficult to reflect the value of their service to consumers.

Traditional, slow delivery processes are making it very difficult to react to both market and consumer demand, especially when delivering large-scale software projects, with high-velocity and quality.


By focusing on how we can best meet the need to quickly release new services with quality and cost-effectiveness, we build a package of value-based services around your business needs. We enable you to innovate around your digital operations, and delight users with improved services.

Endava’s end-to-end approach means: 

We strive to understand your business, build trust and create compelling, memorable digital experiences that help you build customer loyalty and support transition to new business models.

Through a blend of technical and industry expertise, we help you make the most of your legacy systems, while introducing new platforms, technologies and interaction models.

We help you add and enhance services quickly, while enhancing their quality through efficient agile development and support models, leading to better cost-to-value and the flexibility to cope with the demands of an event-driven business.


Within Endava, we nurture a culture of knowledge-sharing, enabling all the staff delivering on your project to enjoy our TMT professionals' decades-long industry experience. We further strengthen our capabilities by frequently participating in industry forums, investing in industry bodies, and hosting Innovation Labs to explore and prove the viability of developing ideas and industrialise propositions.

We’re already delivered success for:

A major studio, enabling them to provide premium content and a superb experience for a demanding audience segment through their innovative mobile technology; now available in over 50 million homes.

A worldwide IT leader, who now enjoys a broader service portfolio due to the collaboration solutions our teams helped develop.

A global music label, delivering the technology management solutions that enable them to enhance the way producers create media collections.

A major Telecommunications company, partnering to deliver them an innovations capability that has been delighting their customers with new products.


Delivering payments innovation through a secure and reliable virtual wallet

Success Story | Telco, Media and Technology

Delivering payments innovation through a secure and reliable virtual wallet

Meeting market and consumer demand through an enhanced digital experience

Success Story | Telco, Media and Technology

Meeting market and consumer demand through an enhanced digital experience

Improving business efficiency through a 30% reduction in applications

Success Story | Telco, Media and Technology

Improving business efficiency through a 30% reduction in applications



Explore our series of connectors and plugins to discover how you can enhance collaboration and efficiency through Cisco Collaboration Technologies, developed by the largest Cisco Development Partners in Europe.

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