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Digital Evolution

Deliver sustainable business growth with Digital Product, Platform and Process Renovation and Innovation.



Digital Evolution

We create the product, build and reinforce the platform, and infuse a repeatable process, giving us the catalyst, stability and speed to create real change for businesses worldwide.


Business challenge

The increasing number of technology-enabled start-ups entering the marketplace is bringing unprecedented change across all industries, giving way to a more complex interaction model that accounts for all the environments where a user might engage with a brand and its products.

In order to remain competitive, organisations try to undergo Digital Transformation, a process at the end of which they expect to have aligned and improved process, tools and products.

Even though most companies already have a digital component, Digital Transformation initiatives do not provide a sustainable approach that tackles the strategy and quality issues businesses are struggling with.  By approaching Digital Transformation as an end-state, they solve for the “now” making few, if any, provisions for the future.


Supporting businesses in continually improving and challenging their own approaches, we’ve developed a process that successfully positions your company in the digital business landscape, infusing both a culture of change and a framework of repeatable delivery centred around the simultaneous and Agile development of digital products and infrastructures. We call this process Digital Evolution.

Justin Marcucci

Chief Digital Officer, Endava


We Help You Make A Difference

Digital Evolution is an intentional choice to rapidly accelerate the rate of your organisation’s digital adoption and change, through which we build, renovate, combine and enable the function of products, platforms and processes that drive growth, collaboration and innovation across your entire business. 

Through Service Offers that ensure the Digital Evolution of your Products, Platforms and Processes, and can be applied individually or in a number of combinations, we cover the entire software development lifecycle and support you from idea to production.

We do not view Digital Evolution as phase, but rather a more agile and iterative process.  Supporting our customers from idea to production, we ensure we can easily address technology, infrastructure, strategy, as well as process issues, helping you become more adaptable, accelerating releases and enhancing the quality of your products and services.

Our Approach

Delivered through a bespoke combination of Service Offers covering the full software development lifecycle, we drive Digital Evolution throughout your business, ensuring full accountability and long-term adaptability, growth and prosperity.

Satisfying the needs of both the users and the business itself, Digital Evolution fuels the scalability, speed to market, data integrity, security and an improved brand experience for your organisation for decades.


Achieving 3x more sales than expected through Digital Evolution

Success Story | Retail and Consumer Goods

Achieving 3x more sales than expected through Digital Evolution

Achieving a 70% increase in traffic and leads for a major real estate franchise

Success Story | Retail and Consumer Goods

Achieving a 70% increase in traffic and leads for a major real estate franchise

Supporting a social campaign through a versatile tapestry app

Success Story | Retail and Consumer Goods

Supporting a social campaign through a versatile tapestry app



  • 18 May 2017

    Endava moves to new office in Belgrade to accommodate local team’s growth

  • 28 April 2017

    Consolidating Its Cloud Services Credentials, Endava Becomes One of AWS’ Advanced Partners

  • 10 April 2017

    Endava Ranks In Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100

  • 15 February 2017

    Endava Wins Software Outsourcing Project Of The Year Award With Worldpay

  • 13 October 2016

    Endava Receives A 3 Star Rating From The Service Desk Institute

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From Digital Transformation to sustainable digital business growth through Digital Evolution, in a whitepaper by Endava’s Chief Digital Officer, Justin Marcucci.

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