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Agile Transformation

We drive change through collaboration.


Agile Transformation

We seamlessly integrate into your team to define a strong collaborative culture, evolve solid engineering practices and drive value generation.


In the current business landscape companies are under constant pressure to quickly improve their products and services, and meet the constantly changing needs of their consumers. Agile practices are one of the most effective means of meeting the challenges of the industry, as well as consumers, by enabling you to be more responsive and deliver products and services faster.


Through Agile Transformation we identify, define and implement the mix of process, technology and culture that brings business, development and operation teams closer, allowing you to deliver products faster, improve responsiveness and enhance quality for your consumers.

Head of Agile Transformation, Endava


We help you make a difference

While enhancing adaptability in any area of your business will result in some positive changes, true agility can only be achieved through a process that nurtures collaboration across the business, technology and operations teams.

As Agile Transformation brings these teams closer through a strong collaborative culture, the agile frameworks adopted can easily be scaled to the enterprise level, allowing your business to work towards the same goals, both releasing higher-quality products to market faster, and better responding to market changes and customer feedback through rapid releases and product iterations.

Our Approach

Seamlessly integrating into your teams, Endava engineers drive the adoption of enterprise agile practices, creating a strong core of Agile practitioners within your organisations who, through a benefits-felt mentality, are able to facilitate the cultural change across all the layers of the business while actually delivering products and services at the same time.

Unlike consultants who design and deliver processes from outside the business within the business, we work alongside our partners to understand their challenges from within, cascading processes we define and build together. We don’t advise you how to adopt agile, we support you in becoming agile.


Accelerating releases, enhancing product capabilities and team collaboration for major insurer

Success Story | Insurance

Accelerating releases, enhancing product capabilities and team collaboration for major insurer

Improving transactions by 31% through Agile Transformation

Success Story | Payments

Improving transactions by 31% through Agile Transformation


Recent News

  • 14 May 2018

    Eoin Woods, Endava’s CTO, Honoured by the Carnegie Mellon University SEI with the 2018 “Linda M. Northrop” Software Architecture Award

  • 08 January 2018

    Endava and Velocity Partners announce merger to become truly global IT player

  • 27 November 2017

    Endava recognized in Gartner market guide for Agile and DevOps Services

  • 10 November 2017

    Justin Marcucci Honored at the Tri-County Scholarship Fund’s Annual Awards Gala

  • 03 October 2017

    Endava Opens a New Centre for Innovation in Bogota, Colombia

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Eoin Woods shares insights into the six aspects of an organisation that need to evolve to achieve true agility.

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